Uloq Auth

Enterprise Authentication as a Service

Passwordless Authentication

Software as a Service

Uloq Auth is an Oauth2 / Open ID Connect (OIDC) service which leverages Uloq Core to create an enterprise-grade passwordless experience.

The features of Uloq Auth include:

  • User-managed privacy –  The users owned the keys to decrypting the data.
  • Passwordless and Password free sign in
  • SAML 2 Identity Provider 
  • Open ID (OIDC)
  • OAuth2

The tech stack used:

  • Microservice architecture
  • Active MQ for eventual consistency
  • MongoDB for high-speed / high-availability communication.
  • ElasticSearch / Kibana for Monitoring
  • DotNet 6 (Core) with Dependency Injection
  • IPFS for decentralized, encrypted credential storage.
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