Uloq Core

Self-sovereign identity and authorization

The Uloq Core Ecosystem

Software as a Service

Uloq Core is a mobile application that implements Bitcoin-level security to sign transactions. 

These transactions are initiated via a push notification or a QR Code. This allows the signing requestor to either know who the individual is or have no knowledge of the identity of the requestor.

The applications for this technology are vast and include:

  1. Passwordless Authentication
  2. Password free authentication
  3. Multi-Factor authentication (MFA)
  4. Workflow approvals via push notification
  5. An auditable history of all interactions.

NIST standards were used in the creation of this application.

My involvement here was the creation of the initial MVP using Xamarin. It was later decided that it would be best to rebuild the application in a more native format.

This project included the creation of microservices on a Kubernetes cluster. 

These services were written in dotNet Core 6 and utilized:

  1. Apache Active MQ
  2. ElasticSearch
  3. MongoDB (NoSQL)
  4. Docker


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